Traveling by bus from Penang to Melaka

Melaka and Penang are both UNESCO world heritage cities. There are a lot of attractions in Melaka and Penang, which make many people visit them. In fact, thousands of tourists travel Melaka to witness its historic riches.

The best way to travel to Melaka from Penang

Traveling by bus to Melaka from Penang is the preferred mode of transport since there is no train station or airport in Melaka. However, you don’t have to worry about bus services because there are numerous reliable bus operators in Penang to help you commute to Melaka.

Bus operators in Penang

Many business practitioners have invested in offering bus services in Penang. Notably, there are different types of bus operators available in Penang to help visitors travel to Melaka. These bus operators have invested numerously to ensure that the comfort of travelers is achieved. These bus companies include:

  • Pacific express
  • Grassland
  • Transnasional
  • Cepat & Cekap Express
  • New Asian Travel
  • Seasons express

Travel time, bus tickets and trips

Traveling by bus to Melaka from Penang takes approximately seven hours. This is highly dependent on weather condition and traffic condition. However, the journey is fun filled. Obtaining a bus ticket is very easy since you can purchase it online or buy it from the bus terminal. The tickets usually range between SGD616 to SGD18. Buses plying between Penang to Melaka take multiple trips throughout the day from different drop off and pick up points.

Drop off and pick up points

Buses traveling from Penang to Melaka usually drop off passengers at Melaka Sentral Terminal. But, some buses drop off passengers at places like Alor Gajah and A Famosa Resort. On the other hand, pick up points in Penang include places like Sungai Nibong, Butterworth, and Penang Komtar.

Winding up

Traveling from Penang by bus to Melaka is the preferable mode of transport. Various aspects of travel by bus to Melaka from Penang are, as elaborated in this post.