Top Best Tig Welder Machines In The World

For the TIG welder to work well, it has to be among the top rated. And in order for it to be top rated, it must have positive TIG welder reviews from consumers. This is only possible if, after buying and using it, the consumer finds it to be superb and, thus, has the pleasure to appreciate the manufacturers by leaving a positive review. When you read  apositive review, you will definitely be encouraged to buy the same machine so that you also experience what the previous customer experienced, if not, even more than the previous consumer in case there is an improvement on the previous brand. Here are our top best TIG welder

The EverlastPowerARC TIG

It is a highly versatile machine which has the capacities of both Stick and TIG. It has features like manual gas valve builds into the handle; 25mm style connectors; 140 amps, dual voltage; and it has the ability to weld stainless and steel. Its best side rods are 3/32 and you can also use the weld and mold 3/8 inch steel in the 120 V modes without experiencing any problem. If you find the explanation to fit what you are looking for, then go ahead and purchase this machine. It costs  between $259.03 and $275.00.

2016 AHP Welder With Pulse

alphatig-200x-reviewIt is a TIG welder which is best for industrial welding and has been known to be one of the best TIGwelders for this type of welding. It is a great machine which has organized knobs that are marked with what they are destined for so there is no confusing one knob with the other. When you are not using the machine, you will have to press the PULSE button. Other great features of this machine include foot pedal; AC and DC frequency abilities; 110V – 200V ;3/8 inch mild steel capacities and  ¼ inch aluminum; and it is capable of welding 7018, 6013.  Due to the fact that it can weld both soft and hard metals makes it one of the best picks. It costs between $679.00 to $799.00.

The Blue Demon Tig Welding Machine

The Blue Demon is an inverter style TIG and stick welding machine which, according to the Tig welder reviews,  is one of the best welding machines. It is a versatile device which is portable and has features such as shoulder straps for portability and comfortability; TIG option features on a stick welding machine; power output from a small transformer; it is portable enough to be used anywhere, and it is lightweight. It uses 90 amps to weld materials such as hard surfacing; carbon steel; cast iron; and stainless steel. The buttons are laid on a design which makes it easier to operate the machine with minimal strain. Its quality is very high and it surpasses the preconceived notions of the machine. It costs $180.14

From the Tig Welder reviews above, you can comfortably choose the best Tig Welder machine for your home or industry.

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