Principles Of Good Website Design

Using media queries, designers can design several layouts using HTML documents and provide stylesheets based on selective features including browser size, orientation, resolution or color. Media queries effectively collects the data about the visitor and employ it to apply the CSS styles that can provide the best experience to the visitor.

CSS are used for establishing max-width, device-width, orientation and color parameters, which allows to apply specific CSS styles according to resolution, orientation and screen size. This method works fine in all devices offering media query support.

By establishing fluid grids and using fluid images along with media queries, designers can provide users’ an enhanced experience in terms of navigability and readability, regardless of the medium they are browsing through.

Presence of Dead Pit

Wondering what the “dead pit” is? Well it is an empty space on the website that you think is important to allow it to present there. But my dear, this “empty space” with ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ texts does not make any sense to the visitors. This gives a perception to the visitors that the site is not finished yet and they are unlikely to get what they are looking for.

Benefits Not Highlighted!

A website is there to serve visitors. So, include those things that can generate their interests of taking services from you. Of course, every toronto web design company web site has its own goals to achieve but achieving those goals is only possible if you help your visitors achieve them. Do not forget to pen down the number of benefits your potentials are likely to get from you.

Poorly Produced Page

A shoddy production technique hampers your home page’s rate of success A home page that lacks separation of style and code from markup, and use tables for layout, inline styling, or heavy non-semantic HTML, can all turn detrimental to the number of visitors visiting your site. Badly produced home page will take extra time in loading, prove costlier when editing or re-designing will be done, not properly translate into other media like mobile devices, and may not be fully accessible to the people.