Pokemon GO Into The Classroom?

Pokémon Go. The game has been released on July 6th, 2016 and since then it has been spread like a viral fever. A fever that has multiplied the estimation of Nintendo’s business pushing it past Sony all the while. A single game has enhanced the Nintendo, thanks to us 90’s kids who made it possible. I mean, yes we all love Pokemon and other few anime like Naruto, One Piece. But let’s admit it, we love Japan more. If it weren’t Japan, we would have probably never known what Pokemon is. While that’s there, it was an irony that Pokemon Go wasn’t introduced before in Japan. The pokemon duel hack ios is why users are playing the game with a decent pace even if it’s new. Moreover the same hack can be used to get as many pokemons as we want to defeat the opponent.Niantic, the organization behind the title, did not answer to our solicitation for input.  Pokémon Go is as of now accessible in more than 30 nations, including mostly the USA, Europe, and Canada yet Japan has so far been left off the rundown. That has vexed and disappointed many Pokemon lovers in Japan as sit all started over there, however, Niantic — after watching how popular Pokemon Go has become than many popular and prominent apps like Tinder has finally decided to make it global.

Emily Howellfrom Iowa State University School of Education has started working on a new concept where she is trying to implement the pokemon go into the classroom and this is just to help the students to get more concentration in studies. According to Howell, pokemon go will help students to research and learn new things around. She is still working on this concept and will reveal more details later.

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