Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Several individuals go to huge lengths just to stop wrinkles from multiplying as they age. Most of them buy beauty products, such as dr oz anti aging cream. However, some people don’t have money for it. That is why they rely on home remedies.

Wrinkles are natural. It is part of our aging process. However, there are excess and premature wrinkles caused by factors that aren’t natural.

Olive Oil

For the skin, olive oil is an oil that is good for massage. It’s a great source of vitamins E and A, and antioxidants. These vitamins combat free radicals that damage our skin.

Massaging regularly olive oil into the area with wrinkles would regenerate, repair, and moisturize skin cells. It offers protection that lasts long and it maintains your skin moisturized as the oil deeply penetrates your skin.

One way is to combine several drops of glycerin and olive oil with several drops of honey. Massage the solution onto the skin twice a day. This would help tighten sagged skin and remove dead cells.

To reduce and prevent wrinkles, you could also massage the skin with Vitamin E oil, almond oil, emu oil, and coconut oil.


The oil, seeds, and leaves of Fenugreek work as a cure for various problems of the skin. This includes wrinkles. Its leaves are full of minerals and vitamins that are absorbed easily by your body and aid treat fine lines and wrinkles when this cure is regularly used.

Crush some leaves of fenugreek that are still fresh until you could create a thick paste. Smear the concoction on the face and let it sit for the entire night. Using a warm water, wash the paste off in the morning.

Also, you could wash the face using water that is boiled with seeds of fenugreek.