Football: game of Americans

Football as we all know is one of the most popular sport in today’s world. It is loved and accepted by all. Football generally means kicking the ball with the foot, but it does not end here. Football is a generalized term for the varying degrees of controlling the ball. There are many variations in the game of football, often called by different names according to the region and the game. Its various forms are Gaelic football, rugby football, gridiron football, association football and Australian rule football. All these variations of football are generally referred to as football codes.

History of football is more than 1000 years old, but the major transformation in its history can be traced back to year 1863 when Football bets Association in England was formed, the first governing body of football. There is no point in denying the fact that people have enjoyed kicking the ball with the foot since ages. Time has only transformed the game for good. Tracing down the history revels that at least half a dozen games, varying to different degrees have originated from football, names of which we have already learnt above.

American Football

History-  American football has evolved from soccer (association football) and rugby football. This game came into picture into late 1800’s. First game of football was played between Rutgers and Princeton in the college campus. This game was very violent in the early phase with many players dying each year until new rules came up. Since then this sport has evolved so much.

The game- There are two teams involved in this. Football needs to be advanced towards the field by the runners or can be passed on for the same until the opponent team gains the possession of the ball or brings down the person with the ball to the ground. Points in football are made by advancing the ball beyond the touch down point or the goal line. There are eleven players on each side. Each team plays 30-40 players on a regular basis as this game is prone to injuries. It is a team sport so proper coordination is as important as skill of an individual player.

Scoring- Scoring in this sport seems complex at first but there are only five ways possible to score points.

  1. Touchdown(TP)- This point is scored if a player catches a pass in the opponent’s end zone or runs into the zone along with the ball. 6 points are offered for this.
  2. Two-point conversion or extra point- Kicking the ball through the goal post for 1 point or passing the football into the end zone for 2 points after touchdown point has been scored.
  3. Field goal- Kicking the ball through the goal post for 3 points.
  4. Safety- 2 points are offered if the defense is successful in tackling down the offensive player with the football in the offensive team’s end zone.

Super Bowl is the most watched sport every year during the NFL championship on TV.

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