Foods that will give you Moobs

Your stomach is the gateway to moobs. They are all forms of ugly and the teasing term ‘moobs’ for man boobs doesn’t help things. If anything it makes people already dealing with them very uncomfortable.  Prevention is better than cure. Moobs are highly dependent on what you eat because that is what messes up with you testosterone levels. Instead of perusing through lists that talk about how to get rid of moobs you can prevent it by staying away from moobs causative foods. 


By the time shrimp got to our refrigerators, it would have discoloured or gone stale. Sea food retailers use 4-hexyl resorcinol to preserve the colour. The chemical interferes with hormonal balance in both men and women so stay away from shrimp. Other foods grown through modern farming like strawberries, kales and apples also suffer the same fate. Opt for those grown naturally.

Cheese and Meat sold in Stores

It is not the cheese or the meat that’s the real problem here. The issue is the packaging. Wrapping paper used for meat and cheese in food stores polyvinyl chloride. This chemical finds its way into the meat or cheese then to your endocrine system.


Soy increases the levels of oestrogen in the body. If you’re a big soy fan, you’ll be looking for information on how to get rid of moobs very soon.


 Alcohol is on every list of ‘things to stay away from’ but most people hardly listen. It is not only full of calories but also interferes with excretion of excess oestrogen. By now you know that more oestrogen is equal to more moobs.


Adding exercise to your healthy habits helps prevent development of moobs. Keep up a healthy routine so as to keep off moobs.

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