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Eco Slim Drops: More Ingredients

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The ingredients found in eco slim gotas is a rather interesting set. This is because it is made mostly of ingredients found in nature, rather than those which are synthesized solely in laboratories. Having said that, the following are more ingredients which constitute the huge roster of ingredients of this particular product. It’s important to note that these ingredients listed below are a mere fraction of the many ingredients that the eco slim drops have, and is therefore, which collectively work in order for you to have an extra healthy body, and for you to lose weight fast.


Guarana has a similar mechanism to that of caffeine, in a sense that it is a stimulant. It has, however, several more antioxidants which are present in it but not in coffee beans. Having said that, you would need a stimulant in order for you to pump up your levels of metabolism, thanks to the caffeine which is naturally occurring in this particular plant. Stimulants are a staple in just about every slimming product out in the market, and eco slim is not bereft of this at all.


The adrenal glands play an important role in weight loss as well. It helps give your adrenaline glands over-all good health, due to the presence of several natural anti-oxidants in it as well.  Apart from losing weight, turmeric has also been known to promote brain function, as well as cure some minor ailments.


This very common spice gives the body warmth, as well as allows for better digestion, as taking in ginger allows you to have better digestion.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper basically shares similar properties to other ingredients found here, in a sense that it has been shown that cayenne pepper aims to improve digestion, as well as increase metabolism levels.